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Self help charts, cards, posters - Inner Light Resources

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For Natural Health, Higher Consciousness, Recovery, Spirituality and Self-Help.


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     We believe natural health alternatives, higher consciousness, and self-help tools should be available to everyone. In light of this, we ongoingly research and publish entire fields of study into concise, colorful nutshell guides, affordable and easy to use by all. Our commitment is to provide high quality professional Charts, Cards, and other practical hands-on tools and seminars that make it easier for us all to lead healthy, prosperous, love-filled lives. We welcome your ideas and feedback and enjoy our partnership with you and other like-minded people in uplifting our lives and world together.

     Inner Light publishes and sells (retail and wholesale) educational and inspirational Charts, Wallet Cards, Posters, etc; All are special Rainbow color-coded by the chakras on many Natural / Holistic / Alternative Health, Massage, emotional Healing and recovery, plus metaphysical and spiritual subjects. Designed with the thoroughness and accuracy needed by professionals, yet with the easy-to-use clarity for the novice, these are used internationally as teaching tools by massage schools, and health and healing practitioners, Aromatherapists, as well as stores and spiritual centers world wide. We also get many requests to send them as colorful light-filled gifts. Some of the many subjects include: Hand & Foot Reflexology/ Accupressure, Feng Shui, Chakras, Addictions, Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, etc.

     Inner Light authors (retail/ wholesale) colorful Rainbow-coded educational holistic health Charts, Wallet Cards, Posters, massage & Light gifts, + Seminars: Alternative Health, Feng Shui, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Crystals, recovery, Chakras, Essential Oils, metaphysical, body-mind-spirit, relationships, Iridology, and many more spiritual, + self-help subjects.

          NOTE: © 2000, 2006 Inner Light Resources, Inc., Jan Zupcsics, Yshheyna Hamilla. All Rights Reserved. All of the information, graphics, pictures, logo(s), trademark(s), text, images, etc. in all of the cards, charts, this website, and all other publications published, or mentioned or shown - in part or in whole- (whether they are on paper, mechanical, electronic, digital, or otherwise) are protected by law.

You may print out any of these website pages for your own reference; However, you may not copy, adapt, alter, rearrange, reproduce, publish, sell, transmit, distribute/ give out, or use in any form these items or any part(s) of these without the express written permission of the copyright owner(s). Violators will be prosecuted for any violation(s) of trademark, copyright, and related laws and precedents.

         Disclaimer: All information and images on cards, charts, this website, and all other publications of Inner Light Resources (electronic, digital, on paper or otherwise) is/ are intended for education and entertainment only; not intended as medical advice. Please seek the advice of a medical professional when needed.

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